St. Olaf, Carleton Hamline Coed Triangular

Friday, January 19, 2018


Entry Fee:      $200 per team per gender                        

Entries:          Unlimited entries

Entry site:    


After Wednesday, only scratches will be allow. NO ADDITIONS!


Facility:          Mondo surface, 1 /4 inch spikes everywhere, plywood circles for the throws.


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS:  We will adjust this schedule after entries are received if necessary).


Field Events

4:00 pm         Long Jump               Women then men

Triple Jump (follows long jump) Women then men

4:00 pm         Pole Vault                  Women then men

4:00 pm         Weight Throw           Men then women

                        Shot Put (follows weight throw)  Men then women

4:00 pm         High Jump                Men then women


Track Events

4:30 pm       60m Hurdles (W)     - Prelims

4:40 pm       60m Hurdles (M)     - Prelims

4:45 pm       60m (W)                    - Prelims

4:50 pm       60m (M)                     - Prelims

5:00 pm       One Mile (W)

5:15 pm       One Mile (M)

5:25 pm       60m Hurdles (M)

5:30 pm       60m Hurdles (W)

5:35 pm       400m (W)     

5:45 pm       400m (M)      

5:55 pm       600m(W)      

6:00 pm       600m (M)      

6:10 pm       60m (W         

6:15 pm       60m (M)        

6:20 pm       800m (W)     

6:30 pm       800m (M)      

6:35 pm       1000m (W)   

6:40 pm       1000m (M)   

6:50 pm       200m (W)     

7:05 pm       200m (M)      

7:15 pm       3000m (W)   

7:30 pm       3000m (M)   

7:45 pm       4x400m (W) 

7:55 pm       4x400m (M)  


Scoring: 7-5-4-3-2-1 in individual events, 7-5-4 relays, 2 scorers per team, 1 scoring relay per team.